A relevance-theoretic analysis of Lubukusu metaphors

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This research is a study on the Lubukusu metaphors using a relevance-theoretic approach adapted by Sperber and Wilson. It seeks to analyse some Lubukusu metaphors using the Relevance Theory It attempts to determine the pragmatic meanings of some metaphors in Lubukusu with regard to transfer in meaning. It seeks to establish the role of context in the interpretation of some selected Lubukusu metaphors in the achievement of optimal relevance. It seeks to find out whether the ad hoc concept of broadening which is metaphorical extension, brings out the pragmatic meaning of Lubukusu metaphors. The research will precisely be descriptive and theoretical orientational in its approach. This project is divided into four chapters, each dealing with a distinct and separate aspect from the other. Chapter one provides the background to the language and the study, the problem statement, the research questions, objectives and tentative outcomes, rationale, scope and limitations, theoretical framework, literature review, methodology and significance of the study. Chapter two discusses general ideas of metaphors in Relevance Theory, classification of metaphors by Lakoff and Johnson and mainly by Sperber and Wilson which forms the basis of this study, and gives brief insights on other figures of speech related to metaphors. Chapter three discusses the pragmatic meanings and the role of content in the interpretation, -analysing and processing of some selected Lubukusu metaphors using the Relevance Theory, several Lubukusu metaphors will be used for illustration. It discusses the ad hoc concept of broadening which is metaphorical extension and how it brings out the meaning of Lubukusu metaphors pragmatically using only one Lubukusu example. In Chapter four, the conclusion, findings and recommendations are deduced.

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