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The rate at which young people in Kenya are abusing drug;s is alarminz a.nd has bee11 found to be


the main cause of mental health problems among the youth. This study  ajmed  to establish the factors that influence use of drugs among the youth in Kenya witll speciflc foc11s on the Kibera slum in Nairobi. The study investigated the influence lf peer :pressure on t:he use of drugs among the youth, explored the influence of poverty on use of dmg:s among: the ylutll, find out the parental influence on the use of drugs among the youth, established_ the role that neighbours play in availing drugs to the youth and assessed the influence of media on use of drugs among the youth in Kibera slum. The study used descriptive research design where the target population was the youth in Kibera who  use drugs, parents,  teachers  and government  administrators.

Purposive sampling was used to select 75 youths using drugs who were identified through

observation and snowballing. The study will then sample 10 parents of the sampled youth together with all the 5 Chiefs and the District Commissioner in the region . The main respondents comprised a majority of male and that most respondents had primary school education . From the main categories listed some of the drugs commonly  abused included:  alcohol, glue, "khat",

 Bhang,  cigarettes  and  piritons.  Findings  showed  that mass media  and  advertising  had  a large extent of agreement on influencing youth to abuse drugs; poverty, peer pressure and availability of drugs in the community. Some of the strategies that work include involving parents; use of

 rehabilitation  centres;  and  reduced  availability  of  drugs.Challenges  faced  were  a rebellious

 youth, poverty inadequate database and inadequate knowledge and skills. It was recommended   that the economic status of community members be taken care of; improve rehabilitation centres; enhance recreational  facilities for the youth .These strategies may alleviate abuse of drugs among the youth.



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