Clients Attitude Towards Counselling Services At Lucy Kibaki Hospital Outpatient Department

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Attitude  is a hypothetical   construct  representing   one's  degree  of  like  or  dislike  for something.   It is a positive  or negative  subjective  view  of persons,  places,  fhings,  or events,  referred  to as attitude  objects.  People can also  be  in conflict  or  ambivalent   towards  an object,   meaning  that  they  posses  simultaneously,    both  the positive  and negative attitudes  towards  the attitude  objects,


Mama  Lucy  Kibaki   Hospital,   counselling   Department   handles  clients  with  counselling   needs.  These formed the sample population  for my study. The study focused  on the attitudes  that motivate  or inhibit  clients to seek counselling  services.  My main objective  was to evaluate  clients'  attitude  towards  counselling.


The  study made  use  of a descriptive   case  study  method  to  achieve  the  set  objectives.   The  study  used random  sampling,  ending  up with  lOO clients  as the sample.  The  study  used  questionnaires   in data  collection. Descriptive   statistics  including   mean  scores,  frequencies   and  percentages   were  used  to  analyze  quantitative data.




The  study  adopted   the  ABC  model   of  human   behavior   that  consists   of  three   elements   namely  the antecedent,  behavior  and consequence.   It found out that clients  have a positive  attitude  and embrace  counselling services  to be important,  and would  recommend   it. The  study  recommends   that  marketing   of counselling   as a


product should be intense  in Kenya.


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