Challenges Of Waste Management And Disposal In Nairobi County: A Case Study Of Muthurwa Residence And Trading Centre In Muthurwa Location.

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This study sought to examine the challenges of waste management and disposal in Nairobi County: A case study of Muthurwa location by use of Case study technique. The study specifically sought to establish whether both economic and social factors (capital/resources, land/dumpsite, legislative/laws and awareness) posed challenges of waste management and disposal in Nairobi. Relevant literature to the research objectives was systematically reviewed; a theoretical foundation upon which the research is based was build; systems theory, social strain and conflict theories formed the theoretical foundation of this research. The study adopted a case study design. Target population was estimated to be 25,513, which consisted of traders and residents of Muthurwa with a population of 8000 and 17513 respectively. Stratified sampling procedures were applied to come up with homogenous sub-strata and later quota sampling was used to randomly pick respondents for interviews. Descriptive statistics was used in the analysis aided by statistical package for social scientist (SPSS). The available data was then presented in terms of pie charts and tables. Description of the interplay between the independent and dependent variables was carefully explained in chapter five leading to drawing of conclusions and recommendations. The study found out that the level of awareness on waste disposal and management among traders and residents in Muthurwa was low and this led to poor waste management in the area. Social and economic effects, poor solid waste management in the area had resulted to health issues and increase of diseases among residents as well as to environmental hazards to children and adults in the area. Finally, Management related challenges such as; corruption at the city council, lack of specific place to dump the wastes, lack of systematic laws governing waste disposal and lack of finances/ resources were some of the major challenges. The study recommended that the CCN needs to come up with better policies to counter the waste challenge, inclusion of all stakeholders in waste disposal and management so as to ensure everyone has a responsibility to play in bid to solve the waste problem among other recommendations.

Evelyn Kemunto Ombogo
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