Water But Wine

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This project focused on the writing of a play based on the question of morality in a private secondary school. The play addresses the challenges that female students face in a morally decadent society that has none or few role models. It highlights the ironic acts of those who are supposed to be role models but end up being the source of moral corruption.

Chapter one introduces the importance of creative works and the genre of drama and its role in influencing society it also encompasses the statement of the problem, objectives, hypotheses, justification, literature review, theoretical framework, methodology, and scope and limitations.

This play is divided into five acts. Act one and Act four have Scene one and two while Acts two, three and five do not have scenes. My experience as a teacher, my encounter with other teachers as well as students in various schools inspired me to write this play. The general laws of writing drama guided my writing.

The essence of writing the play was to reawaken the stakeholders in the education sector on the need for the moral obligation that each has in bringing up girls.

Serah Namulisa Kasembeli
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